MorphoManager 14.0.1

MorphoManager 14.0.1 is released and available for immediate download.

New Features
  • MA5G Minimum Firmware increase (see below for details) – Prior to upgrading MorphoManager, please make sure your terminals are compatible.
  • MA2G Minimum Firmware increase (see below for details) – Prior to upgrading MorphoManager, please make sure your terminals are compatible.
  • Lenel OnGuard 7.4 BioBridge (via OpenAccess).
  • Lenel OnGuard 7.5 BioBridge (via OpenAccess).
  • AMAG Symmetry 8.1 BioBridge.
  • Tyco SoftwareHouse C-Cure 2.7 BioBridge.
  • Retriable SQL errors for SQL Server and SQL Compact now retried automatically (with back-off).
  • Advanced Parameter and Event support for new minimum firmware.
Known Issues
  • Omnikey 5427 Cannot change the keys on an iClass card.
  • Could not generate a consolidated template with MSO-VP.
  • MM Client locks up when enabling or disabling a user when fingerprint matcher duplication report is running.
  • Command Failure error when encoding large data to a Seos card.
  • Encoding a Mifare Classic 4k card with a 5427 using non-default keys does not work due to known device limitations.
  • Desfire cards cannot be recognized when presented too soon to the Omnikey readers.
  • Omnikey readers cannot encoded iClass card's page 0.
  • Duplicate check previously enabled and then disabled is not applied until server restart.
  • Card encoding logs are not created when card is encoded on MA5g devices.
  • Encoding iClass Cards using a MorphoWave Compact is not always operational; please contact support teams in case of issues.
Bug Fixes 
  • More filtering on what data is retrieved from AMAG Symmetry which improves performance
  • An exception is shown when saving to the Exception Log while the Exception Log is at maximum capacity
  • Scheduled Report includes all users when using Run Report Now.
  • Re-encoding of ID+templates on DESFire EV1 is using up card memory space.
  • Distant session timeout for MorphoWave Tower.
  • Editing User Template for 3DFace enrollment causes error.
  • Various bug fixes for Contactless Card encoding.
  • Cannot upgrade MM <8 to MM >11.
  • Enrollment operation not aborted on 5G device when enrollment cancelled.
  • BioBridge Enrollment Client uses wrong wiegand value from wrong user policy when the desired user policy's name is alphabetically after another user policy.
  • Permissible access report is incorrect for Card Users.
  • BioBridge Enrollment Client: enroll button grayed out when using non-English localization.
  • Face logs not Displayed in Access Logs for card only user.
  • Incorrect trigger event on MorphoWave Tower when setting Wiegand In in Express BDP.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when viewing biometrics in BioBridge Enrollment Client that were enrolled with MSO 1300.
  • Computer ID changes when it should not.
  • BioBridge Enrollment client doesn’t recognize the MSO 1300.
  • The misc.distant_session_timeout key not present in Sigma Extreme Advanced Biometric Device Profile.
 Supported Firmware Versions
  • MorphoAccess SIGMA Series requires firmware 4.3.2
  • MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite Series requires firmware 4.3.2
  • MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite+ Series requires firmware 4.3.2
  • MorphoAccess SIGMA Extreme Series requires firmware 4.3.2
  • MorphoAccess VP Series requires firmware 3.11.0
  • MorphoAccess 100 Series requires firmware 3.2.10
  • MorphoAccess 500 Series requires firmware 3.9.0
  • MorphoAccess J Series requires firmware 3.8.0
  • Morpho 3D Face requires firmware 
  • MSO 1300 requires firmware 10.00.g-C (or newer)
  • MSO 300 requires firmware 10.00.g-C (or newer)
  • MSO Finger VP requires firmware 1.11.0 (or newer)
  • MorphoWave Tower requires firmware 2.3.0
  • MorphoWave Compact requires firmware 1.1.0
 US Export Control Restriction (ITAR and OFAC): The export of any product or software purchased and/or downloaded from MorphoTrak must be made in accordance with all applicable laws of the United States, including and without limitation to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR), the U.S. International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the US Treasury Department OFAC regulations. This may require that you obtain a formal export license or make certain declarations to the United States Government regarding the commodities to be exported (e.g. destination, end use, and end-user).  By clicking the links below and downloading the software you agree to these conditions.
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